Yacht Registration

In case you, or your client, have a yacht that needs change of flag, please contact us for smooth change.

We have been registering and surveying ships for over twenty years and yachts for ten years.

We can arrange flag and full certification and required surveys for both private and commercial yachts over 15 meter.

For yachts over 400 GT, we can also survey and certify for IOPP, IAPP, ISPP

For yachts over 500 GT, or other that require or wish to have class (hull and machinery) certificate, we can also arrange surveys and certificate from classification society that we represent. Same with ISM and ISPS certification.

Commercial yachts that are required to have MLC certification, we can audit and certify for same.

Ownership can be by individual or corporation. We can assist with international company registration.

Please send us yacht details by email to mail@deputy-registrar.com or use below form for quotation request

We are looking forward to hearing from you.