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Our company, Swedish Maritime Services, Inc., has in May 2021 been appointed Philippines Representatives for Yacht Builders Puccini Yachts in China.

Puccini Yachts was founded in Xiamen in 2013. Focusing on the design and production of high-quality yachts and providing yacht users with suitable, complete and cost-effective products and supporting services.

Puccini Yachts has rich experience in design and production and has successfully designed and built yachts for many clients. Its representative works include the creation of the “cloisonne” series-the JING65 yacht inspired by Chinese historical royal art elements and its application in the yacht space a large number of unique Chinese-style elements and bold use of stunning handmade cloisonne hull decorative surfaces are truly unique in the industry.

Puccini Yacht will customize a personalized plan for private individuals to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable time on the yacht.

Puccini Yachts uses award winning French and Italian designers to create highly fashionable, stylish and great value luxury motor yachts.

DND Yacht Design, a Chinese studio led by European designers Stefano Caruso and Frédéric Bonnet, started the development of their new Yacht Series with recently founded Puccini Yachts’ shipyard.
The shipyard already has a portfolio of models ranging from 55 ft to 108 ft.
Puccini Yachts focuses on designing and producing high-quality yachts in order to provide owners with unique designs, high quality workmanship and cost-effective products.

Some of the models can be delivered with optional Hybrid or even fully Electrical engines and these include Puccini Fly 78 and Puccini Fly 82, both of which are available with 2 x 900 hp/ 671 kW Volvo D13 diesel engines, optional 2 x 1,200 hp/ 894 kW

Regarding the upcoming new yacht series, French yacht designer Frédéric Bonnet assured that they will fit the owners’ wishes: “These yachts are conceived to be semi-custom, to fulfill the needs of clients with different needs and tastes”.
Italian designer Stefano Caruso added: “The exterior styling is modern and clean and features details and solutions usually found on superyachts, such as the full height windows around the saloon and in the custom version for China even a piano in the saloon.”

The first 82 ft yacht built is on display at the yards showroom.
The 24.9m motor yacht features an aft cabin layout, with multiple choices for the interior distribution.
The general deck plan is literally designed as an open space: one is able to walk on a perfect straight line from the platform to the fore cabin. A single staircase on the transom leads to a huge cockpit using the full beam.
Synopsis’s hull has a low bulwark, providing stunning views from the salon and its full high glass windows.
She has a 6.3 m beam engine options include 2 x MAN v12-1400 hp/ 1043 kW or 2 x CAT C18-1150 hp/ 857 kW or 2 x Volvo D13 900 hp/ 671 kW

Luxury motor yacht DND 108 ft is currently under development at a preliminary stage of the design, keeping in line with the 82’ yacht. Stefano Caruso recognizes that she won’t be an easy project for such a newly founded shipyard, but he is hopeful that, once the design is ready, it will take less than three years to build the first hull.
Frédéric Bonnet shows his confidence that the series will appeal international as well as the local yacht market: “The Series is being developed to demonstrate that today, China has the ability to hit the market with high-class products, thought and built through our independent mind. We know all the difficulties. Just the simple fact that China is outsider in Yachting, gives reason to these projects to being, and prove our abilities in realizing people’s dreams. We want to draw via this Series, what will be the Icon of Chinese Yachting.”

You can now order following models:
Puccini 39ft
Puccini 40ft Fly
Puccini 40ft Cat Fly
Puccini 40ft Fishing boat Fly
Puccini 46ft Yacht Fly
Puccini 58ft Yacht Fly and JING
Puccini 65ft Yacht Fly and JING
Puccini 78ft Yacht Fly and JING
Puccini 82ft Yacht Fly and JING
Puccini Yacht 110”
Delivery time is about from 6 to 12 months depending on specification